Fuzhou Feida Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (Fuzhou Tonghong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.)(flyreach) is a manufacturer specializing in packaging machinery, automation equipment and conveying equipment accessories for the beer, beverage and food industries. It is a comprehensive company integrating production, sales and maintenance. Products mainly include engineering plastics processing parts, injection molded parts and special equipment machinery accessories. Products have been widely used in the blowing machine, filling machine (wine machine, filling machine) blow irrigation machine, labeling machine, after the automatic packaging equipment. Our company has advanced production and processing equipment. The products are designed, developed and manufactured by professionals. We adhere to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, promote development by innovation", enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and establish brand image with more practical and high-quality products. We would like our professional knowledge, full enthusiasm to serve the new and old customers to work together, cooperation and win-win!

Main brands :Flyreach

Product use equipment:Krones, KHS, Sidel,  SIG

Business scope: Application development and production of special engineering plastic products such as polyether ketone (PEEK) polyimide (PI), spare parts application research and design for spare parts of blow molding machine,  spare parts of Filling machine, spare parts of PET can sealing machine, spare parts of labeling machine,Special spare parts for automation equipment such as marking machines and packaging machines 

Imported belts, conveyor belts, logistics conveyor equipment engineering plastic chain



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